Wedding at Doune Castle

As we set out towards Doune Castle, we were looking forward to visiting the location at which “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” was filmed. We were immediately struck by the beauty of the castle and its surroundings, and the beautiful setting was accompanied by a glorious summer’s day. It was a bit of a challenge for us four girls making our way through the grounds into the castle, as we hobbled up the cobbled pathway in our heels, while balancing our instruments, stands and music folders. As we reached the part of the castle in which the wedding was to be held, we realised our efforts were more than worth it.

It was a stunning set up, and the sun streamed in through the large castle windows. As the wedding guests arrived, we played a selection of traditional Scottish tunes which suited the venue perfectly.  After the Bride and Groom made their vows and we listened to a poem the groom wrote for his wife-to-be (I believe all us gals shed a tear!), we played ‘My Girl’ and ‘Time After Time’ as the happy couple signed the register. We had previously rehearsed these songs with an amazing singer called Aileen, who was also a wedding guest, and were excited to perform the arrangements. We were pleased as they proved to be a huge success with the wedding guests, who swayed in their seats and clapped along to ‘My Girl’! It was a fantastic wedding, a real sense of happiness and excitement seemed to exude from every person in the room.