The best Thank You ever!

We received this email from the lovely Emma and Rob Waugh, who got married at Seton Collegiate Church on the 3rd May 2013!

I just wanted to send my huge thanks to you and your posse of glamorous girls for an utterly outstanding performance on our wedding day. Emma will have to take my word for how good you were, as she wasn’t there for most of it. However, I thought that your performance, expecially in that setting, really set the tone for the whole day. Many of our guests were talking about the goosebumps they had when your soaring arrangements reverberated around the ancient walls of Seton.

I literally think that for many of them, the actual ceremony was a disappointing interruption in the best concert they have ever been to. Or something like that. Unfortunately the signing of the legal bits was over pretty swiftly, but we did hear the piece you had arranged for us and it was wonderful. Well done you talented people.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve had enough of me waffling on with no real direction, so I’ll wrap up but we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you skill, professionalism and downright lovely-bunch-of-people-ness.

Best wishes

Rob & Emma