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CAIRN STRING QUARTET: ELECTRIC CIRCUS 14.08.14 This entry was posted in Edinburgh Gig Reviews on 15/08/2014 by Sandy.


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You know you will always get a good show when going to see The Cairn String Quartet and last night was no exception. Yes, they always produce the goods but it’s also the people they get to play with them that make their shows so memorable. Last night they had Broken Records, Teen Canteen, Kyle from The View and Angus Munro! Unfortunately I was a little late so came in for the last number by Teen Canteen. Now, usually when you walk into The Electric Circus you get hit with a cacophony of sound from a Punk or Rock band and the sound just takes over. This was more subtle, strings with a ‘Teen’ girl band joining in is a softer sound but equally as engrossing. The girls voices just work with the string arrangements and what I saw sounded really good.

There was then a short break followed by the Quartet on their own for a few ‘tunes’, it’s amazing how quickly a violin being tuned can quieten an audience. There’s very much a tongue firmly in cheek feel to The Quartet and it’s this lightness, plus the songs they cover, that gives their shows a unique feel. A String Quartet’s sound is by it’s nature emotional and this close to 3 violins and a cello definitely has every note hitting the mark. The applause and cheers after each song back that up.

Next up it’s Kyle from The View on keyboards and then guitar, I think the first song was one of The View’s but then, in a brave move, they played 2 Beatle’s covers, ‘When I’m 64′ and ‘Something In The way She Moves’, it paid off, violin, cello and guitar sounding great together and Kyle’s vocals set it off nicely.

Some more Cairn String Quartet followed including Libertango by Astor Piazzolla, this had feet tapping and if there had been room to dance …. who knows!

Last but in no way least on came Angus Munro with a little keyboard and a lot of voice! Great vocals and 2 very rangey songs that reminded me a little of Rufus Wainwright!

There is a little more by The Cairn String Quartet to finish and unfortunately the night was over. You really have to go and see them to appreciate them fully. They just get on so well together on stage, lots of smiles and little looks between them during the songs show how tightly knit they are: synchronicity! I’d love to hear them perform a score for a movie or TV show, it would just work!

I believe they do functions so why don’t you book them for your wedding, Party or Bar mitzvah, they woUld be terrific!

Sandy: 7ahead

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