Michelle and David, Dunkeld House Hotel

As Dan pulled up in his trendy sports car, I wondered exactly how four instruments, four players, four sets of music and four stands would squeeze in! He assured us it had been done many times before, and low and behold he was right…even with his fishing gear included! And so, rather cosily, we set off to Dunkeld. As we arrived, it became apparent that the wedding was to be outside, so we set up, had a play through the day’s pieces and most importantly, got the pegs out! Although the bride had specifically asked for dresses, unfortunately Dan and Iain let us down badly by not adhering to the specified dress code…they didn’t scrub up too badly nether the less!

We played guests in, mixing in some requests with other classics. Although it sometimes proves difficult to know exactly when the bridal party has arrived, this was certainly not the case today, with one of the younger members of the congregation helping us out…‘she’s here, she’s here!’ So we played the beautiful bride in with Canon. For the signing, the couple had requested Enya’s watermark and That next Place from the Meet Joe Black soundtrack, and for the recession, Wedding March into All You Need is Love.

All went well and the service was lovely. We were very lucky with the weather, with a few threatening clouds lurking around!  After the service, we headed inside to play for the drinks reception, and had fun playing the remainder of the requests along with some of our favorites. After a job well done, we packed back into the car and made our way back to Glasgow (with unfortunately no time to stop for fishing!). Although the rest of us were free to enjoy our Saturday nights, poor Dan had to head straight over to Edinburgh for another gig…It’s a hard life!!

Violins- Dan & Ruth

Viola- Iain 

Cello- Fiona

Processional : Pachelbel’s Canon

Signing of the Register: Watermark by Enya

Recessional: Mendelssohn’s Wedding March turning into All You Need Is Love

Written by Ruth Tarr