Luss Parish Church and Cameron House Hotel.

It was an unusually early start for us on 11th of June. The ceremony was due to start at 1130am and we had arranged a rehearsal slot with Antonio the singer beforehand. Bleary eyed we set off! After a few attempts we managed to turn down the correct street in Luss to reach the church – one of those ‘I can see it but how do I get to it’ situations – and we got very cosy with the organist in a very small space at the rear of the church. The church looked even more beautiful than usual with spectacular flower arrangements and lots and lots of petals scattered all over the floor. The beadle of the church seemed less impressed with the scattering of petals than us but was in good humour nonetheless. Rehearsals complete we began to play the guests in with numbers from our classical and traditional playlists which are always very satisfying in a big boomy church.

The ceremony began and as the congregation did not seem very confident with the tunes of the hymns, Annemarie and myself turned to our alternative instruments and sang along. Our ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’ rendition was particularly impressive. As the daughter of a church organist you don’t get through life without knowing a hymn or two… We were playing along with the lovely organist for the Mendelssohn Wedding March to conclude the ceremony. We had checked before hand that this would work, however with many unexpected repeated sections and key changes we were kept on our toes! After the ceremony we hot footed it up to Cameron House to play for the champagne reception and at a suitable moment (when the guests had all left for a photograph…) we gave my latest addition to the Cairn playlist, Blondie’s ‘Atomic’ a whirl! Spectacular! Haw Haw!

Violins – Gillian and Gergely

Viola – Annemarie

Cello – Elspeth

Bridesmaids Processional: Pachelbel’s Canon

Bride Processional: Schubert’s Ave Maria, accompanied with singer

Register signing:  Canto Della Terra, accompanied with singer

Recessional: Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, accompanied by organ


For the beauty of the earth

Make me a channel of your peace

Immortal invisible

Written by Elspeth Mackay