Introducing ….Susan

Susan tells us about here first 3 months with CSQ

“The last 3 months have been a whirlwind of shows, rehearsals and adventures!

I started playing with the girls from October last year but I had very few free days as I was in the show “The Red Shoes in the Tramway in Glasgow, performing in 2 shows a day throughout December. However, fitting in gigs around shows was the start of the future fun!

January started with a bang and we were straight into shows at Celtic connections performing with Emma Pollock and RM Hubbert.

Rehearsals were also underway for the upcoming cruise round Norway, getting 8 concerts of different styles and genres together. This was a great learning process, learning the music and most of all the different styles and sounds of Katie, Cat and Annemarie. All very unique.

During this time the opportunity came along for us to go to Texas and play in the massive worldwide festival SXSW. Plans were put in place and fundraising ideas commenced. Then, Annemarie had the brain wave of putting on our own fundraising gig. A night at Platform in the East end saw us play a 3 hour set of our own arrangements and alongside 10 of our favourite bands and solo artists. What a night of fun was had by all. I think maybe especially me!

3 days later, after 2 weddings and the SECC Wedding Show, we were off to Southampton to pick up the Saga Sapphire ship and head to Norway.

The cruise was a challenge but enjoyable at that – 8 concerts, lots of food, choppy seas and The Northern Lights!

2 weeks later we were back in Southampton where my dad and uncle very kindly met us, swapped cases for our Summer clothes instead of our Winter Woolies, and Dad drove us to Heathrow to catch a plane to Austin. This all seemed very simple until we discovered the end date on my visa was wrong! Meaning, I wasn’t going anywhere. If I’d flown over, America would have sent me back on the first plane back home! The only way to fix the problem was to fly to Belfast, where the visa was issued, and have them reissue me a visa with the correct dates. 2 days later, I’m back with the girls in Austin, with some excellent new passport stamps, and we’re ready for some SXSW fun, with 5 gigs in two days!

The festival was immence. Great gigs, great people and huge inspiration.

We’re now home and I’m on the train to Edinburgh to start a weekend of weddings. If this is how the Cairns roll then I’m looking forward to it all! 🙂