How to pick your wedding soundtrack

You like strutting your stuff to Beyonce. He loves nothing more than rocking out to AC/DC. Your mother dreams of you gliding down the aisle to a traditional wedding march. You were thinking more classic Adele on strings. You’re dad’s never even heard of Adele. You’ve got 100 guests who need to be entertained throughout the day, but God Only Knows how you’re going to make sure there’s something for your Great Aunt Margaret, as well as Mad John from your H2b’s 5‘s team.

One of the most emotive weapons on the planet, music can be the make or break to those tears as you walk down the aisle, to helping your guests break the ice while you are whisked away for photographs, and to really get the party swinging in the right direction. As purveyors of wedding music for everything right up until your first dance, and having provided the music for over 1000 weddings, we’ve really seen it all. The Good, the Bad, and (once in a blue moon) a little bit Ugly. Heres a breakdown and some of our best hints and tips on how to pick your wedding playlist.

The Ceremony

The main event. The most important moment of your day (and life,) this is about you and your partner. It should be about the personal things in life – the music you dance to in the kitchen, the song who’s lyrics just hit the right chord, the music that really pulls your heartstrings, or simply the music that you both genuinely love. The different parts to be soundtracked are:

Your guests getting seated: Atmospheric and Scene Setting. You could go for a traditional classical feel like Gabriel’s Oboe (always stunning), or go for heart-wrenching modern songs, such as Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros, or Eva Cassidy’s Songbird. Getting married in a castle? Why not go for traditional Scottish tunes, and Braveheart is always a winner no matter what! Or why not keep everyone upbeat and happy with It must be Love by Madness or Wouldn’t it be Nice by the Beach Boys?

Walking down the aisle (Processional):Your moment. You should always choose this yourself. To really make it your very own moment, why not give your bridesmaids their own song too – a favourite of our brides is to have their bridesmaids walk into Here Come the Girls, or Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies, and then when it’s your turn to walk, the music turns into the tear-jerking song that you have chosen just for you. Alternatively, let the music slowly build during your bridesmaids entrance, and you walk in at a climactic moment. Most of all, take your time and enjoy every second!

Does your mum have a favourite song? Why not let her have her very own walk-in to her favourite song (this is a sure fire way of keeping her happy!)

Signing of the register: Choose 3, as this can sometimes take a few minutes while you, your witnesses and minister/registrar sign the documents, the official photographer gets some nice shots, and your guests have a chance for a photo-op. Go for both you and your new husbands favourites – you have just got married, and should be something meaningful for the moment. A popular choice from our couples is Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder!

Walking back out (Recessional): Always go for upbeat and celebratory. One of our favourites is to play a small snippet of the traditional wedding march, to give it that classic wedding feel, and then change it into something else – we regularly get asked for All You Need is Love by The Beatles (like in Love Actually) and always getting a few giggles is Another One Bites the Dust by Queen!

Hymns: Always go for ones that everyone will know. Think hymns you sang at school, like One More Step, or Morning Has Broken (there’s a great version of this called Come to a Wedding)

Drinks reception

Go wild! This really is the time to throw in the wild cards and get the party started with all those things that you know you’re guests will love and chat about while you are off getting your snaps done. Something a little different and unique will really get them chatting, perhaps something that they’re not expecting. A good starting point is to pick a group that do lots of different styles to ensure there’s something for everyone. Alternatively, why not get your guests involved and send them a link to your chosen musicians’ website before the big day, and get them to pick some favourites from the playlist that they can enjoy.

Wedding Breakfast

Choose your very own tracks to walk into the room to, while everyone is on their feet. This could be a funny moment, and should be something really upbeat – a popular favourite is Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Frankie Valli.

Also choose something for the rest of your top tables entrance. This should also be upbeat, though once we did The Imperial March from Star Wars for the mothers entrance…luckily everyone laughed!

For the actual munching part, be sure to stay upbeat to get everyone in the party mood. By this stage everyone has really relaxed and are in anticipation of the night ahead. It’s really important to have some music at this point, as when everyone’s got their mouth’s full during the main course, it can get a but quiet…

Whatever you decide to do, try and keep it live. Live music is always a lovely added visual touch, and really adds the extra wow factor. There is nothing better than enjoying a great group of musicians do their thing well, and for many, it’s not that often that you get to hear a live string quartet, or jazz trio, or soul singer. You’re only going to have the chance to book the music and musicians you love once in your life, so if budget allows, it’s something that could change your experience of your most memorable day.

Our Top 10 most requested pieces of music

  1. Canon in D major, by Pachelbel
  2. For the Love of a Princess from Braveheart
  3. One Day Like This, by Elbow
  4. All You Need is Love, by The Beatles
  5. Toxic, by Britney Spears
  6. Happy by Pharell
  7. You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story
  8. Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
  9. Jurassic Park (a new entry)
  10. Get Lucky – Daft Punk

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