• 11 June 2011

    Luss Parish Church and Cameron House Hotel.

    It was an unusually early start for us on 11th of June. The ceremony was due to start at 1130am and we had arranged a rehearsal slot with Antonio the singer beforehand. Bleary eyed we set off! After a few attempts we managed to turn down the correct street in Luss to reach the church - one of those ‘I can see it but how do I get to it’ situations - and we got very cosy with the organist in a very small space at the rear of the church. The church looked even more beautiful than usual with spectacular flower arrangements and lots and lots of petals scattered all over the floor.

  • 4 June 2011

    Kylie and Alan Hutton, Dundas Castle

    Tours and tumbles!

    All was well as we set off along the M8 towards the beautiful setting of Dundas Castle in South Queensferry, particularly knowing that as the wedding ceremony was being held elsewhere we would not be precariously balanced on the windowsill at the rear of the Auld Keep part of the castle! Our travels were going swimmingly until, engrossed in conversation, we missed the turnoff just before the Forth Road Bridge! We very much enjoyed our very scenic quick succession crossings off the bridge and were soon back on track.