• 15 February 2012

    Cairn Strings on new L'Oreal ad!

    Because we're worth it...

    We are featured on the new L'Oreal TV advertisement! Glasgow's very own Will Hanson's track "Ebury Bridge' was recorded with us at Chem 19 Studios last year.

    We always knew we were the next Cheryl here to see the ad!

  • 26 January 2012

    Courtney and Aaron's Wedding at Glenshee Kirk

    We were delighted to be one of the few people to witness the small and intimate wedding of Aaron and Courtney, who had travelled all the way from Australia with only a handful of close family and friends to get married in the country where they had first met.

    After having to stop to ask a local where the local church was (to which he replied "there's only 3 houses and 1 church, I doubt you'll miss it") we arrived at the tiny (thankfully heated) church. Seated on the balcony, we were in a prime spot to witness the event, and played a selection of music handpicked by the couple.

  • 25 January 2012

    Free download!

    In honour of Burns night, we thought we'd put up a wee cheeky download of My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose! Recorded by Gergely, Cat, Annemarie and Fiona, mixed by Graeme Steel.

    Click here to download!

     *Should best be enjoyed with some haggis and a large whisky. Slainte